General Assembly
General Assembly

The 5th General Assembly

May 15, 2024

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The 5th General Assembly of CAS Members was held from January 5 to 12, 1984 in Beijing. A total of 323 CASAD Members attended the meeting (56 were absent with leave). Also present at the opening of the conference were Party and State leaders Deng Yinchao, Wan Li, Xi Zhongxun, Wang Zhen, Wei Guoqing, Fan Yi, Yu Qiuli, Song Renqiong, Zhang Tingfa, Yao Yilin, Qin Jiwei, Qiao Shi and Tian Jiyun. They held cordial talks with the members of the CAS Presidium and had a group photo taken with the CASAD members present at the meeting. Leaders from government departments were invited to attended the meeting, including those of the leading group of S&T affairs under the State Council, the State Planning Commission, the State Economic Commission, the State S&T Commission, the Committee of Education, Science, Culture & Hygiene under the NPC Standing Committee, the Department of Organization under the CPC Central Committee,  Research Department of the CPC Secretariat, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Personnel, the Ministry of Education, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, CAS branches as well as departments of the CAS Headquarters.
The main agenda of the conference included relaying and discussing the S&T tasks assigned to CAS by the State Council, holding discussions on ways to organize CASAD Members to take part in national S&T consultant service after the CASAD were changed into the country’s top consultative organ on S&T, hearing and deliberating the national S&T planning and the long-term development schemes for CAS.
Executive Chairman of the CAS Presidium Yan Jici chaired the meeting and made an opening address. CAS President Lu Jiaxi gave a work report, reviewing the CAS work since the previous Assembly, the enforcement of related State-decreed policies, achievements, problems and projected measures in this aspect at CAS. The tentative blueprint included a tripartite approach: before 1985, as the first step,  pilot tests would be introduced for restructuring the administrative pattern as a component of the managerial reform at the CAS; during the period from 1986 to 1990, an all-round reshuffle was to be carried out in the Academy’s set-ups and personnel affairs in line with the guiding principles of the Party Central Committee and the State Council and in the third stage, from 1990 to the end of the century, the Academy’s institutional structure had to be rationalized in the context of the nationwide reform on the S&T system and economic restructuring.
State Councilor Fang Yi gave a speech at the meeting. While extending a warm greeting to the participants on behalf of the central authorities, he spoke positively of the achievements accomplished by the CASAD Members and S&T workers at CAS in the prosperity of Chinese science and the promotion of the country’s economic boom and the Academy’s sound development. He conveyed the guiding thoughts from the CPC Secretariat, demanding CAS to shift its working priorities to the national economy, enhancement of the applied research, active and selective participation in the current nationwide R&D initiatives and the continuous stress on basic research. His speech clarified the changes of CASAD from the supreme policy-making organization of CAS into the supreme consultative organization of the State in the fields of science and technology. The CASAD membership is the China’s highest honorary title granted to a Chinese scientist. The common obligation shared by the CAS Presidium and CAS Assembly is to organize the CASAD Members to explore the S&T issues arising from China’s S&T development and its modernization program, to actively participate in the consultant service for the country’s key S&T decisions and to offer guidance on major R&D activities launched by CAS and its research institutes.

Also at the meeting, its related bureaus of the CAS headquarters briefed their work during the previous two years and new arrangements in the future. The participants at the Assembly made valuable proposals on the national S&T plan, the long-term scheme for S&T development and the institutional reform at CAS.


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