General Assembly
General Assembly

The 2nd General Assembly

May 15, 2024

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The Second General Assembly of the Members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences convened from May 23 to 30, 1957 in Beijing. A total of 176 CASAD Members attended the conference (56 were absent with leave). Leaders of various governmental departments were invited to be in attendance at the meeting, including those from the State Planning Commission, the State Economic Commission, the State S&T Committee, the Bureau of Experts under the State Council, the Ministry of National Defense, the Third Ministry of Machine-building Industry, the National Scientific Planning Committee, the Ministry of Higher Education and the CPC Department of Publicity. Also present at the meeting were members of regional academic committees under the CAS headquarters and leaders of universities in Beijing.

The meeting summed up the work experience obtained over the two years since the founding of CASAD, urging major S&T departments to catch up with the world advanced science level as soon as possible. CASAD Members examined the planning for natural science research for the 2nd Five-year Plan. They held discussions on ways to implement the plan for the development of social sciences for the upcoming 12 years. At the meeting, 38 research papers were presented, 21 new CASAD Members were selected, and 34 research achievements in natural sciences scored by CAS, universities and industrial departments received CAS Science Prizes.

In his opening speech, CAS President Guo Moruo reviewed the CASAD work for the national development over the past two years, stressing that CAS was shouldering an uphill task as being an academic pace-setter and research institution on major S&T issues. He called on Chinese scientists to fight for peace, human and science development by learning advanced experience of the former Soviet Union and other socialist countries in light of China’s actualities, strengthening the international cooperation, and joining hands with scientists across the world.

CAS Vice Presidents Wu Youxun and Zhu Kezhen, Division Directors Yan Jici and Pan Zinian delivered work reports on behalf of the four divisions of physics, mathematics and chemistry, biological and earth sciences, technological science, and philosophical and social sciences. Yan Jici reported the visit of a CAS delegation to the former Soviet Union. CAS Vice secretary-general Qian Sanqiang made a report on the CAS participation in the Joint Research Institute for Nuclear Research. CAS Vice President Tao Menghe read a report submitted by CAS to the Assembly, briefing the general situation of CAS institutes and their cooperation with partners across the country. He also aired constructive ideas on the national enhancement of the academic leadership, the guiding principles of the Academy’s future development, free and open academic discussions, academic democracy, and the introduction of a democratic management system within CAS.


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