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The Chinese Academy of Sciences Held the 2024 New Year's Science Lecture

Jan 03, 2024

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On December 31, 2023, the Chinese Academy of Sciences held the 2024 New Year's Science Lecture with the theme "The Power of Science on the Road to Rejuvenation". It was jointly broadcasted by Shanghai Radio and Television Station's "Sunrise in the East, Chasing the Light of Science" and formed a super 30-hour New Year's live broadcast. As of January 2, the cumulative online dissemination reached over 258 million views. 

The New Year's Science Lecture is a popular science brand activity formed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) during the implementation of the "Popularization of High-end Research Resources" and "Science and China Science Education" plans. It was first held at the Institute of Physics of CAS in 2019. Since its establishment, the activity has continuously enriched and innovated its content and format. It has evolved from a 3-hour New Year's lecture to a public science feast that combines speeches, visits, scientific experiments, and slow live-streaming. It features speeches by academicians, experts, and popular science enthusiasts from various fields. 

In the 2024 New Year's Science Lecture, experts, scholars, popular science enthusiasts, and scientific experiment demonstration teams brought us a fascinating content that is hardcore, fun-filled, relevant to national development, and close to life. Many experts and scholars, including member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE) Jin Yong, CAS members Guo Guangcan and Li Jinsong, researcher Cao Zexian from the Institute of Physics of CAS, researcher Tao Hu from the Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology of CAS, researcher Ji Junhui from the Institute of Chemistry and Physical Technology of CAS, researcher Lu Jing from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of CAS, and researcher Zhang Peng from the Center of Space Applications Engineering and Technology of CAS, etc., provided insights into various fields such as chemical engineering, quantum information, semi-cloning technology, thermodynamics, brain-machine interfaces, biodegradable plastics, and human origins. 

The event also invited TikTok science popularization enthusiast "Infinity Xiaoliang" Zhang Chenliang to visit the Marine Biological Specimen Museum of CAS, allowing everyone to have a close encounter with beautiful and diverse marine biological specimens. In addition, the creative scientific experiments segment invited five winning teams from the National Science Experiment Exhibition to prepare a series of educational and entertaining science experiments. From everyday objects to high-tech applications, these experiments showed us how science shines and heats up in every corner of our lives. 

After the New Year's lecture, the chapters "Vast Starlight", "Glorious Dawn", "Marching Glory", "Vibrant Times," and "Glorious Moments" continued to present wonderful performances. The "Vast Starlight" segment led us to welcome the New Year's bells under the companionship of starry skies. The "Glorious Dawn" section showcased the beauty of the motherland through the relay of sunrise. The "Marching Glory" visited various large scientific facilities, showcasing exciting technological marvels. The "Vibrant Times" focused on popular science venues across the country. As the final chapter, "Glorious Moments" presented a perfect finale through an intelligent night that looks towards the future, featuring Chinese-style performances by robots and fantastic performances that broke through dimensional barriers. 

This event was guided by the Ministry of Science and Technology and CAS, and co-organized by the Institute of Physics of CAS, the Computer Network Information Center of CAS, the Shanghai Branch of CAS, the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Radio and Television Station, and TikTok. (CAS)  

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