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Academicians Vow Greater Contributions

Dec 09, 2023

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New academicians Chen Chunying, Yan Ning and Duan Huiling (front from left) take a group photo after the certificate awarding ceremony on Friday at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.[Photo by Zou Hong/China Daily]

The 59 newly elected academicians this year of the Chinese Academy of Sciences vowed at a certificate awarding ceremony on Friday to play a leading role in China's future scientific research endeavors and make greater contributions to the development of the nation's scientific research by encouraging the young generation and promoting the role of female scientists.

Academician Huang Sanwen from the Division of Life Sciences and Medicine of CAS said in his speech that at this new starting point of receiving the highest academic title in the field of science and technology in China, he made three commitments to himself — to contribute his energy to scientific research; to apply his achievements in the fields; and to provide more opportunities for young people

"As academicians, we need to restrain ourselves and share more opportunities with the younger generation. By allowing outstanding young people to have sufficient opportunities and encouraging them to boldly pursue their own ideas, we can foster a diverse scientific community with vigorous debates," he said.

Academician Jian Zhimin from the Division of Earth Sciences of CAS emphasized the importance of cultivating scientific spirit from a young age and promoting science popularization. He also highlighted that encouraging young people to love and engage in scientific endeavors is one of the important social responsibilities of academicians.

"Scientists engaging in science popularization not only benefits the education of the next generation and facilitates communication with young people, but also contributes to the development of their own scientific thinking," he said.

Jian said he will continue to teach undergraduate students and gain new inspirations from their questions and different perspectives. Jian advised young students that persistence is the most valuable spirit on the path of scientific research.

"To achieve success in the field of science, the most important thing is to persist with original intention and continuously strive toward your goals. This determination and perseverance are essential when facing difficulties and making progress in scientific research," he said.

Out of the 59 newly elected academicians this year, five of them are female scientists. Academician Jin Kuijuan from the Division of Mathematics and Physics of CAS mentioned that women have unique perspectives, and respecting the role of women is of crucial significance for the development of scientific research.

"I have both male and female students, and we have found that they are irreplaceable to each other in scientific research. Women may be more meticulous, have better intuition, and tend to be more resilient, all of which contribute to the further development of physical sciences," she said.

As the director of a committee for women physicists, Jin organizes an annual week-long charity event in different provinces to share their experience and encourage more female students to contribute to science and technology. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the event, during which female scientists have visited 10 different provinces in southeast, southwest and northwest China.

In recent years, Jin has noticed an increasing level of support for female scientists in China. For example, she said, funding institutions such as the National Natural Science Foundation and the Excellent Young Scholars Fund have relaxed their age restrictions, taking into consideration the time and energy women need for childbirth and childcare.

"I hope that the honor I received today can inspire more female students to develop an interest in physics and encourage more women to stay in the field, contributing their wisdom to the country's scientific development," Jin said. (China Daily)

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