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Established on June 1, 1955, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASAD) serves as an integral part of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and functions as the highest advisory body to the State in the field of science and technology. It is also a crucial think tank for scientific ideas at the national level.

The main functions and tasks of the Academic Divisions are as follows: organize CAS members to provide advice on major scientific and technological issues related to the nation’s economic and social development, science and technology development plans, strategies for the development of academic disciplines, and major scientific and technological decisions; promote the formulation and implementation of science and technology policies and measures; organize reviews and provide guidance on academic issues related to important research fields, research programs, and research institutions; organize the election of CAS members and foreign members; conduct academic activities; foster exchanges and cooperation with domestic and international academic organizations; and promote the development and popularization of science and technology.

The highest organizational form of CASAD is the General Assembly. CAS Membership is the highest academic accolade established by the State in the field of science and technology and is awarded for life as a distinguished honor.

After the establishment of CAS, great attention was paid to involving domestic high-level scientists in academic leadership roles. After several discussions and revisions, the establishment of specialized committees was determined.

In early 1953, the number of members of the specialized committees reached 253, which laid the foundation for the establishment of CASAD.

In January 1954, with the approval of the 204th executive meeting of the State Council, CAS began preparations for the establishment of CASAD, including the Divisions of Physics and Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology, Technology, and Philosophy and Social Sciences. A draft list of members was compiled through recommendations from the nationwide scientific community, followed by multiple discussions and consultations with relevant departments.

In May 1955, the 10th plenary session of the State Council approved the list of the first group of CAS Members, consisting of 233 individuals.

In June 1955, the inaugural ceremony of CASAD was held in Beijing. Then Chinese leaders, including Zhou Enlai, Dong Biwu, Chen Yi, Lu Dingyi, and Li Jishen, attended the ceremony and delivered speeches, calling the establishment of CASAD a major milestone in China's scientific development: "the establishment of a national academic leadership center for science" and "the beginning of a new stage in the development of our country's scientific undertaking".


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