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As a large, comprehensive national scientific institution, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) comprises three major parts—a comprehensive research and development network, a traditional merit-based academic society, and a system of higher education. 

The merit-based component of CAS is represented by the Academic Divisions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASAD). 

Founded in June 1955, six years after the founding of CAS, CASAD has continuously served as an advanced national think tank that advises the Chinese Government on major science and technology issues. 

The strategic advice and proposals offered by CASAD have played an important role in the creation of China’s national innovation system, the development and implementation of various major scientific policies and programs, and the popularization of science to the general public. 

Today CASAD consists of six divisions: mathematics and physics, chemistry, life and medical sciences, earth sciences, IT-related sciences, and technological sciences. Each division carries out strategic studies and offers advice on topics within its purview. 

CASAD now has more than 800 Members and 151 Foreign Members. CAS Members enjoy the highest prestige in Chinese science. They are elected from Chinese research institutes and universities through a strict and highly competitive process. Foreign Members are elected from throughout the world, based on their important contributions to progress in science and technology progress in China and their excellent international academic reputation.



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