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CASAD Presidium convenes in Beijing

Date: Jan 1st, 1970
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Presided over by CAS President and CAS Presidium Chairman LU Yongxiang, the Eighth Session of the Fifth Presidium of the CAS Academic Divisions (CASAD) convened on Nov. 2 in Beijing.

At the meeting, discussions were made on the CAS member election in 2007. Participants scrutinized and adopted the amendment to Rules Concerning the Election of CAS Members and the Election Provision of CAS Foreign Members. According to the Bylaws of the CAS Members adopted by the 13th CAS General Assembly, beginning from 2007, the election of new Chinese members and foreign Members will be held simultaneously.

Members of the CAS Presidium heard the reports made respectively by Chair of its Committee for Consultation and Evaluation ZHAO Zhongxian, Chair of its Committee for the Enforcement of Scientific Morality XU Zhihong, and Chair of its Committee for Science Popularization and Publication ZHU Zuoyan.

The meeting also gave green light to the planning for the CASAD development from 2006 to 2010.