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CAS President's New Year Message

Date: Jan 1st, 2007

Author: CAS NEWS

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A snow at the dawn of the New Year foretells a good omen. At this moment of ringing out the old year and ringing in the new, please allow me to extend New Year greetings to the CAS S&T workers, administrators, retirees, graduate students, visiting scholars, the friends home and abroad who have given us support, and all your family members.


The year 2006 witnessed our country enjoying stability and prosperity. Over the past year, CAS has made remarkable progress and scored a batch of high-level S&T achievements through upholding its work guideline of the new era, sticking to the principle of reform, development and innovation, focusing on innovation capacity buildup, fostering good innovation environment and culture, and promoting the development of a national innovation system. As a national S&T think tank, the CAS Academic Divisions further strengthened its consultative service and accomplished several advisory reports on major issues commissioned by government departments. CAS Members actively offered the central authorities their ideas and suggestions, which largely received prompt attention and were accepted.


Looking into the New Year, we feel that our responsibilities are heavier. We have to enhance an awareness of the 'big picture,' crisis, opportunity, competition and innovation. We must strive for a scientific perspective, proprietary innovations, a sound mechanism and system, and harmonious development. We will build CAS into a base for scientific research at the advanced international level, a base for fostering and bringing up outstanding S&T personnel, and a base for promoting the development of China's high and new technology industries so as to create top-notch achievements, build top-notch efficiency, implement top-notch management and cultivate top-notch scientists. We will continuously make major S&T contributions with fundamental, strategic, forward-looking significance for the grandiose objective of building a moderately well-off and harmonious society and an innovation-orientated country.


Finally, I wish our country to be even stronger and more prosperous, our scientific understandings more brilliant, and you all a very happy and healthy New Year.


   LU Yongxiang




   the Chinese Academy of Sciences