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Supervision office to curb scientific misconduct


Date: Jan 22nd, 2007


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China has announced the establishment of a science ethics committee and a supervision office to stem academic fraud and plagiarism, according to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).


The office is responsible for building up a fraud investigation team, case discussion and handling, and handing down punishments for science frauds, Mei Yonghong, director of the policy and regulation department with MOST, told a regular press conference.



MOST released a set of trial rules to deal with scientific fraud last November, which took effect on Jan. 1, 2007. The regulation is regarded as first unified one of its kind to bring scientific misconduct under the country's legal system.


The acts of falsifying resumes, plagiarizing works of others, fabricating scientific data and violating regulations governing research on humans and animals will incur punishments ranging from a standard warning to disqualification from state science projects for life, according to the regulation.


These efforts follow a string of scandals involving academic fraud and plagiarism in the country as China continues to advocate,and invest huge amounts in innovation.


Top scientist Chen Jin was sacked from the prestigious ShanghaiJiaotong University last May for fabricating data relating to a digital computer chip that was developed with state-funding.


A professor at the elite Tsinghua University in Beijing, Liu Hui, was removed from his post in March for fabricating his academic achievements and work experience.


Last April, Yang Jie, former director of the Life Science and Technology Institute at the prestigious Tongji University in Shanghai, was sacked after the veracity of his academic record was questioned.


"We also plan to set up a team of experts from various fields and countries to hold consultations and offer advice regarding major scientific misconduct," said Mei.


Editor: Shanglin Luan 

Source: Xinhua