Academic Divisions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Normalization and Development

In October 1991, 210 new Members were elected. The CASAD work was on the track of normalization in 1992, when the Six General Assembly adopted the Bylaws for the CASAD Members. In October 1993, the title of CASAD Member was renamed as CAS Member upon the approval of the State Council. The Bylaws was adopted at the Seventh General Assembly held in 1994. The first batch of 14 Foreign Members of CAS was elected. In July 1998, CAS adopted the Senior Membership system, which gives Senior Membership to members at age of 80 or older. To meet the needs of national economic, social and S&T development, the organization of CASAD was further readjusted at its 12th General Assembly 2004. After the move, CASAD has six divisions: mathematics and physics, chemistry, life and medical sciences, earth sciences, technological sciences and information technical sciences.